Caroline Watson's Letter

To my son, Rupert,

You’re only 2 years old. In 2050 you’ll be 30 years old. I pray with all my heart that we’ll have solved the current days’ environmental problems. That we will have reached our targets for net zero, the air will be clean and our climate stable. We may have already passed some tipping points because my generation and those older than me have ignored all the warnings scientists have been giving for decades. But if we act now and we act decisively to reduce our emissions we can still preserve what is best about the planet.
Together you and I enjoy watching the programmes on TV about animals with that nice man David Attenborough. He has taught us so much about the wonder and beauty of the planet and I really want to preserve that for you.
I am sharing this letter with politicians who have the power to make decisions that will impact your future and the world you grow up in. So I pray that they swiftly change direction so that we are on track to meet the targets to keep us safe from destructive climate change that causes extreme weather like we have seen most recently in Pakistan. I hope that you never have to experience such devastation. It breaks my heart to think I brought you into a world where those risks are real as a consequence of actions of older generations including mine.
I pray the world you grow up to experience will be as beautiful as that we experience today.
All my love, Mummy xxx

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