Helen Gunn's Letter

To my granddaughter Lily-May,

I am writing this as I look at a photograph of your beautiful young face. You are excited about your life and make the most of all the opportunities presented to you.

You love the natural world and would prefer to be outside. You are fascinated by all the insects that visit our garden and the newts we have in our pond. I truly hope that when you are all grown up that you are able to still enjoy these things and that the country you live in is still habitable and not rocked by climate catastrophe.

We adults owe it to you to look after our planet so that you can have a good life. If saddens me to see that the people in charge only seem to care about making a small minority of people rich at the expense of the rest of us and the stability of our planet.

If only they could see that they are chasing the wrong riches. It is not found in commodities but in the twinkling blue eyes of a little girl gazing into a pond looking for newts.

Your loving grandmother xxxx

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