Julie's Letter

To my children,

I know that you already expect the worst as teenagers you’re already disillusioned and cynical about our leaders and that’s sad.

I think you expect the future of our planet to be one of loss and destruction. That saddens me so I hope that the future will be brighter than you expect.
That somehow, this huge movement of people calling out for immediate action on the climate crisis will be heard and that our actions and innovation will be more powerful than of those who only care for short term gain and personal profit or success.

I hope that much of our world is still habitable with the awesome nature and animals we so enjoy now. I hope that climate refugees are welcomed into communities and that we have been able to prevent the worst outcomes. Instead many countries around the world are still able to flourish where people have adapted to survive in their environments and the rich have supported in providing the means to do so. I pray for a global community that lives in peace and works for the good of all not just for one’s own nation. That leaders would be wise, brave and compassionate. Rise up leaders like that I pray.

With love Mum

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