Deana's Letter

To my grandchildren Aden, Izzy, Gracie, Zaki, Sumaya, Evelyn, Esme, Idris & Ezra,

To my darling grandchildren

I hope that when you read this the world is looking better and brighter than it is feeling now in 2022. I hope that people and politicians have started to take the threats to our climate and environment seriously and are acting to make improvements. I hope that people are being encouraged to consume less and value the precious resources that our planet has. I fear that if things have not changed then we will be unable to reverse the damage that has been done.

I hope that you all have the opportunity to live in well built affordable homes that are well insulated and natural materials have been used in the build. I hope you are using green, renewable energy and the world is not still burning fossil fuels. I hope the transport system has improved and is more affordable so that you don't need to drive everywhere and add to pollution.

I hope you can eat locally grown healthy food and are working in good sustainable jobs, where you feel valued and have job satisfaction. I hope you feel safe and hopeful for your future.

My love always

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