Jane Kidd's Letter

To my niece Jodie,

Despite the evidence and the disasters around the world, that are due at least in part to climate change the governments are falling behind in their projects for meeting targets.
We in the developed countries see on our televisions that this is happening but sacrifice eco projects for maintaining high standards of living. We can live hardly affected by these developments but the next (your) generation and your son's will be the ones that suffer.
We and our governments are leaving behind a terrible heritage.
We must contribute what we can towards reducing our carbon imprint and we must use every possible influence on the government to ensure they do too.
Our lifestyles can be changed and we (you and I included) need to do so. If we can do so there will still be birds around, the farmers crops will be abundant, towns, villages and houses will not disappear into the sea, living creatures will still be around, fires and floods will not devour our country and the impoverished around the world will still have their homes and livelihoods.
This a plea to individuals and governments alike to care for God's creation and play a part in saving future generations from poverty and obliteration

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