Mya Gleny 's Letter

To my little granddaughter ,

Hello my little darling!
I love you so much!
You told me yesterday how afraid you are “of everything!” I’m so sorry..
This beautiful world is full of love and light, birds and trees, whales and butterflies. We are surrounded by a mystery that keeps us here, supports us and enables us.
But you I know, at the edges of our days, a creeping death is coming. We see it in the blue summer skies so silent and empty of swallows, in the polluted once sparkling river water devoid of wildlife, in the tides of plastic that wash up choking and poisoning on our beaches, and in the silent gardens where the hum of happy bees is just your grandmother’s memory.
I’m so sorry my little darling. I couldn’t stop it. I tried. I wrote and spoke, I argued and cried, I marched and I cleaned our world - every day. My friends were bullied and arrested for trying to stop it, but the ones who could have, who should have, simply preferred their money to Life.
It was so simple, and I am so sorry my little darling. You never deserved to be “afraid of EVERYTHING!”
You deserved to have a long and peaceful life - like I did.
But maybe I’m wrong! Maybe they woke up in time! Did the clock stop at one minute to midnight like in every Hollywood B movie? Is the world green again, clean again and safe for you?
Are there happy bees humming in your garden my little darling? Perhaps there are.
I love you so much..
Nana x

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