Mrs Lynne Sweetman's Letter

To my grandchildren, Sophia (age 8) and Luke (age 5),

Dear Sophia and Luke
I just want to wish you both very happy and successful lives. I know this may seem a crazy dream at the moment, with so much to do to save our beautiful planet.
You have already started to help by doing litter picks on the way to school and on any beach we visit. Unfortunately, we have visited very few beaches this year as they have been seriously polluted by our negligent water companies!
You have also helped by planting flowers in your garden and sowing wildflower seeds in waste ground near your home to give food to the bees and other pollinators.
We must keep up this good work to build a bee 'corridor' to connect the areas around our homes.
I know you share my love for plants and animals and I know how upset you get when you hear of an animal being hurt. Rest assured there will always be plenty of work to do to put things right in this world so you will never be bored!
We adults must persuade this present government to not go back on their election promises and the promises made last year at the COP26 conference in Scotland to stop climate change getting any worse and to increase biodiversity in this country and to carry out much-needed animal welfare reforms.
The good news is that many people, young and old, wish to see our country leading the way in all these improvements, and thankfully young people like you two really want to save our planet.
Good luck to us all
Love and light always
Lynne (Nannan)

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