Mrs Carole Henson's Letter

To my granddaughters,

I want you to be able to hear birdsong as you grow up. I want there to be vast spaces for wildlife to thrive, where you can go for country and coastal walks. I want rewilding to flourish for you both to see & enjoy the diversity & beauty of nature.
I want you to be able to swim in the sea and look at fish swimming in our lakes and rivers, for the water to be clean and clear.
I want there to be habitats for all wildlife and extensive and fruitful hedges all about, thriving large Woodlands and wetlands. Flocks of birds being able to visit this country, nest, find food & breed.
A farming system that accommodates wildlife and no factory farms. I want you to be able to enjoy growing your own fruit & vegetables with an abundance of insects, butterflies & moths pollinating and surviving alongside humans without pesticides.

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