Gabriela's Letter

To my future self,

I hope that wherever you are, you live in a world where economics has finally been put on a level field to the rights of people, land, water and life. That our resources are finally recovering from decades and centuries of damage, neglect and disregard. I hope wild waters are clean enough to swim, even to drink from. That the rain is no longer poison as PFAs have been banned. That peat only exists in the bogs in which they develop. That wildlife not seen for much too long, roam, fly and swim through a connected landscape of nature which people can freely traverse without legal fears of trespass. I hope the air is fresher as petrol vehicles are rare. That our power is now almost entirely renewable and publicly owned for the good of all who use it, not for the profit of a greedy few. I hope my dreams are not too much to ask and that you are in a better world than the one I’m in right now as I write this. I hope for my sake and yours the world improves. With love xx

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