Seren's Letter

My future self,

What is the world like today? Has it gotten better or worse? Did Lucas move back to wales? But more importantly is the earth ok? Did we end global warming? Or do we live on mars now? Since climate change could be irreversible by 2030 I wonder if we saved the planet, after all, they are one of the 1 Million species that face extinction. That's terrifying. Did you know right now we use more of the earth’s resources than it can produce? Has that changed now? I want to live a happy life when I’m older. I hope you are. When I'm older I want the world to stay the same, just a better environment. Did it happen? Did you know that the ocean absorbs most of the heat we provide? What if it didn’t that would be terrifying! I think we need to eat more vegetarian meals, not vegan i can't stand vegan food but we can eat meat as a treat that's fine! Right now I'm already recycling. Do you recycle? I hope so! One last thing, did we save pangolins?I hope so because I love pangolins. I would be so sad to see them go ): . I don’t really have anything else to say so,


Seren (:

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