Lucy 's Letter

My future child/ children,

You may not be in this world right now but one day you will take a place on this earth, and I would hope it is a wonderful place for you. I really do hope climate change is not too much of a problem for you when you finally arrive whenever that maybe.
As I grow old I will do my best to recycle as much as possible, and do my best to get people to stop using so much plastic and other harmful products in this world so that maybe this wont be as such bad place for you when you finally arrive. If everyone does there bit to help i truly believe this world can be massively improved and maybe in time for you, as having a safe and healthy environment to live in is a massive priority to me and that's why i am doing every little thing possible to make the necessary changes before maybe one day its just too late. I really hope you see the importance of recycling and caring about the planet as you grow up to not only protect your self but the people, animals, insects etc to as everyone should have a valued life. Hopefully everyone does there bit to help and values the importance of it all

Best wishes,
from your mum to be

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