Penny's Letter

Descendants ,

Dear Descendants

Climate change is the most important ethical and political issue facing us now in the 2020s. It is affecting the whole world but floods, droughts and famines are disproportionately affect the world’s poorest and most marginalised people in the Global South. These are people who are least responsible for climate breakdown.

50 percent of global emissions are the responsibility of the highest-earning 10 percent of people. However rich countries, including the UK, have failed to do their fair share to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. While it’s the communities already facing extreme hardship due to unfair trade who are feeling worst effects of climate change.

What we need is climate justice for all. Rich countries need to acknowledge their responsibility for causing climate chaos in the Global South. Choosing Fairtrade means more money for farmers who can use these resources to adapt to climate change and invest in climate-smart farming techniques, including planting trees and protecting local biodiversity.

I ask my political representatives to urge anyone shaping climate policies to back climate justice so the farmers and workers taking on climate change can succeed for all our sakes.

From Penny.

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