NT's Letter

To the future,

Dear the people of twenty forty five
I don’t know if I’ll still be alive
If I am I’m glad that I survived
What happened in two thousand and nine

The ocean took in two hindered and thirty tonnes of oil
And yes
It affected the soil
Birds were found dead
Whilst the government slept careless in their bed.

In two thousand and four
It didn’t happen on the ocean floor
To extinction comes a bird
One of a kind
So hard to find
Now that it’s completely gone

We’re all covered in soot and fumes
So we all cower in our rooms.
Our actions are labelled “guilty”.
Where we also the reason for wildfires and plastic galore?
It took over “our” planet earth
Look we do not own this turf.

We took earth and killed it
We took the oceans and filled it
With plastics and nets
I place my bet
That when our satisfaction is met
The earth will decay
And there will be no hurray

So today I say
To the people of twenty fourth five
When I was younger the earth began to die
And at this rate
So will I
And most likely at an age before
Twenty five

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