Fay Pilliner's Letter

To all the Grandchildren,

When I was a child like you I did not fully appreciate the beauty and diversity of nature. In the Herefordshire countryside I caught tadpoles and grasshoppers, listened to Peewits and Skylarks, climbed trees and foraged for wild strawberries, hazel nuts and sweet chestnuts. The innocents of youth do not foresee how their actions can change lives. Now so many species are struggling and we can not turn it around, as progress has spread its profit grabbing fingers into every corner of wild Britain. Nothing is free. Picking a wild strawberry is a treat, but digging up the plants and transferring them to your own garden is greed and I was always told to leave more than I took when picking primroses for Mother's Day.
When I was eleven I took the eleven plus exam and asked my parents if I could have a bike if I passed. Mum's reply was
"Education is it's own reward."
During my life I have studied many topics and taken various courses, gaining snippets of knowledge on subjects I find interesting. We have evolved as human beings, but we are still only animals with egos. Climate change will either accelerate our evolution or our destruction and the only hope I can give you in summing up is
"Education will save the world."

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