George powell 's Letter

To my Daughter, janine and my grandchildren ,

Dear , future
I want to see future for every human and life on the earth with 20 years from now no pollution, in our beautiful sky's, no floods every country on earth has gone green ,Costa Rica has already we all need to follow quickly,
No nuclear weapons in our world no wars , no poor people everybody with millionaire's and billionaire's all giving and helping no adults out of work , no more cutting down our rain forest, all managed by , country's not company's no fuel burning cars or machines , humans living on other planets , eco every, no more animals farmed for their meat , no more cancers which your mum died of at 37 years old , a world living has one population, no greed no prisons, no murder any more a world filled with love and peace and clean air
That's my letter to you all ,

Love daddy .

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