Halimah Ikhlaq's Letter

To my future self,

The world is a beautiful place and we are trying to stop the world from falling down and people from not being friendly to the environment . So i want your generation to save the planet from litter gas and horrible things like those. I know it will be hard but your generation might be able to stop it because so far we have made electronic cars that don't need fuel ; you guys can do more things that will help the environment such as: plant more trees, get a ton more recycling bins, and open shops that sell products made out of rubbish.

It will be hard at first because you might be on your own but you can get more people to help you and you can tell whoever your president might be your ideas of changing the world completely.

I believe in you guys so i hope you can make a big difference to the world.[You got this]

Yours truly Halimah Ikhlaq

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