thomas's Letter

Dear future people,

Dear future people,
I am writing to you to say that I can help with all the eco-friendly decisions, If we set up more in fact websites on our tree decisions and get people to donate more and more money and all of that money can go towards plants and trees. Our nature is dying because we as humans are destroying more trees then the amazon rain forest its-self. we have a big impact and a big chance on getting our trees up and running again, also if we have all the people to create themselves a missive poster then send that poster all around the world so people in the whole world can see that on missive poster. Then we get the website and post that poster on our web, get lots of links to our software. After that, we get ads on to our software to tell the people to join in on our creation, if more and more people join in the better it will be to our software and more accurate the web and software will be. Finally, have all of this accessible to every individual person on this planet, check over everything is as perfect as anything should be.

From Thomas Gower

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