Mrs Birte Oliver's Letter

Zak and Jaya, grandchildren,

Dear Zak and Jaya

Many things are changing on our earth, man has made a lot of discoveries and it is changing our landscape, our climate and the way we live.
Some of us are doing our best to rectify the damage done by human beings by using less plastic, stop using dangerous chemicals, using safer fuel, preserving the rainforests still left, changing what we eat, caring for wild life and flora and living a simpler life with less waste.

I know you are learning how to care for God's creation in school so you are also helping.

You are growing up on a beef farm in Australia and hope to carry on with the great work your grandfather started started many years ago. I hope this may be possible for you, but be prepared to diversify in the future.

My church is an Echo church and with God's help we have creating a wonderful church garden with wild flowers and lots of wild life.

Love and prayers

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