Diane's Letter

To all of us who must try harder,

I was a child in the 1940's. Shortages from the war meant that we had food rationing with limited choices. Somehow we all seemed healthier. Are some of us eating too much? What will be left for tomorrow?
I remember smogs in the 1960's causing huge health problems. Just like the forest fires going on throughout our planet, Does carelessness need addressing, when we leave BBQ's still burning and glass bottles on the moors?
Do we need so much plastic on our food in supermarkets? What is it doing to our sea life in the oceans? What about tomorrow?
And so many wars since 1918. What chemicals are going into our atmosphere?
Recently, a dam in the Ukraine has been destroyed, when water is so precious and so many struggle to access it in parts of the world.
Are we ruining this wonderful planet we were given to care for? Will we have a tomorrow if we don't change how we are living?

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