Claire McNally 's Letter

To my children and grandchildren ,

This is such an important issue, every day I strive to do more to help campaign for climate action and nature.
Whilst you are all busy with your lives and I have more time these days, I really feel that I'm striving for you all.
As you all know, in my life I am continually searching for new ways to live sustainably with PV panels, insulation, recycling, growing and preserving our own organic food, reusing as many materials as possible, researching and implementing better ways to live sustainably and of course caring for nature.
We all know that's not enough, but I continue to be inspired by the actions of others and hope that others will be inspired by my actions too.
I pray for better leaders who will bravely seek to undo the wrongs done in the name of progress and growth. Trusting that they will protect the planet and all that lives on it with net zero goals and prompt action.
I have to believe, for without this we would stumble and I want everything that's good in this world to be there for you in the future.
I understand the implications of getting this wrong but refuse to give up and despair.
So this is my promise to you all, I will continue to campaign, pray, act and hope for all our sakes.

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