Dr Amir Khan's Letter

To future generations,

There’s nothing more wonderful to me than a wild flower meadow.

When you step into one, it’s like crossing into the pages of the most magical story book. There are beautiful images, whole little worlds, societies and characters all around you. It’s full of life and colour. You can sit peacefully and ponder, or jump in and explore.

In the last hundred years, we’ve lost 97% of our wild flower meadows in the UK and, with them, the insects, hedgehogs, birds, bats and more that rely on them. They aren’t just a meadow, they’re entire ecosystems.

I don’t want wildflower meadows to be something that you only read about in a history book. I want them to be the magical storybook experience they are for me, for you.

My promise is I will do whatever I can to make sure wildflower meadows are protected – and planted – for your generation now, for when you’re bigger and for your generation’s children and grandchildren. I will share how much they mean to me with the people who can make a difference and hopefully they’ll help protect them too.

And, of course, I will make sure you learn to love these wonderful places as much as I do.

All my love,
Doctor Amir

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