Vivienne Ryan's Letter

To our sons George and Christopher ,

I asked for help from someone of influence many years ago to raise awareness through the media and those in positions of political power about the urgency of global warming and how it will affect all life on Earth in future. Since then the evidence of climate damage has become increasingly obvious with heatwaves and wildfires this summer in some regions and flooding in others. Despite the voices of the younger generation screaming out to politicians for change to stop the burning of fossil fuels and for cleaner, renewable energy in the form of solar and wind, the oil and gas industries continue to ignore the evidence of climate damage for the sake of their own greed and profits. I want you to know George and Chris that I have done what I can to raise awareness of this issue in my lifetime so I can save your generation and generations to follow from the consequences of political inaction. We all know that time is fast running out for more to be done now in the next decade to stop climate change. I hope I have done enough to help you because I love you and want you to see as much of this beautiful planet with its abundance of animals and Naure that depend on us for their future survival as well as our own by being able to travel using cleaner energy with electric vehicles instead of petrol and heating homes with better insulation and solar panels on roofs and water butts in every garden to collect rainwater for watering gardens and fields of wildflowers for bees, butterflies and wildlife so they do not become extinct. I want every single human on Earth to be more mindful of the way we live by recycling their rubbish and not thoughtlessly discarding it in the countryside, in landfill sites and on beaches for marine life to eat and kill them. I want us all to stop global warming so the ice in the polar regions continue to melt which will destroy marine life in that region and contribute to rising sea levels destroying life around the rest of the World by making islands and coastal areas uninhabitable. I hope politicians will act NOW to stop this disaster of climate damage unfolding in the next decade. I hope for your sake that I have done enough for us all to live in a cleaner, unpolluted, more balanced, peaceful place we call Earth which is our home.

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