Rebekah's Letter

Dear my daughters, Poppy and Eve,

in 2030 you will be young adults starting to shape the next decade, I hope that the work that has been done by so many in the last several decades has meant that the targets set for 2030 are met and you are part of the generation able to build on this and set more optimistic and ambitious targets for your own futures and for your grandchildren's generation. Part of this transformation will be an internal one where we are content with less material acquisitions and belongings and a richer, happier life built on care and love for others and the world around us. I hope that you can marvel at the song of a robin, feel the rich humus of healthy soil and smell the world after a gentle summer rain, that you look out over a landscape that is a diverse patchwork of food growing, trees, birds, butterflies and people living in harmony.
I wish you contentment.

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