Michael Rozdoba's Letter

To everyone,

I hope in our collective future we'll have grown up a little. Delusions can be comforting in the short term, a pillow to hide behind to avoid seeing the uncomfortable truths, often of our own making. But delusion is anathema to life. Refusing to recognise what is makes us unable to navigate those elements that present a challenge to life &, ironically, makes us unable to appreciate the beauty of what is.

I hope in our collective future we'll have come to recognise we are a part of this reality that we all share, not separate from it. That we are not masters of all but rather a small part of a complex interdependent system. That whilst we choose our actions in navigating this world, we do not choose their consequences; that is down to the broader reality.

I hope we will come to recognise the value of humility, of integrity & honesty, not merely with others but also, crucially, with our selves. By recognising our limitations we do not limit ourselves, but rather maximise our autonomy, our freedoms. There is no casualty to recognising what is, other than delusion itself. And for those that seek to live, to see their self, family, community, nation & world thrive, this loss of delusion is our salvation.

Blessed be.

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