Sharon 's Letter

To my daughters Alice and Katie,

I hope that my gut is wrong when I feel that mankind is incapable of the change that is needed to stop all humanity and nature from perishing. I am so angry, not at myself, I know that your father and I have campaigned for years about the the climate, plastic and pollution; often making ourselves unpopular and attracting ridicule. I am angry for you two. You have to bear the brunt of this final selfish act of humanity. All the bad decisions, greenwashing and gaslighting have led up to this moment. The awful truth is that there is the technology and the means out there to solve this - or at least there was if we had all acted a few years ago. We could still survive this but that would mean each and every one of us would have to make huge sacrifices and life would still be difficult for many on the planet. I would welcome this sacrifice, and I know you would too; you would understand because we raised you that way.

Stay well informed, do your bit and live good lives. Wherever you can do good with your intelligence and skills, take the opportunity. Go out on the streets, make a noise, glue yourself to roads if neccessary, protest as loudly as you can! This is not just your future you are fighting for but every living thing on our beautiful, fragile planet. Better to have a go than regret doing nothing.

Change will only happen if enough of us stand up and make the policy makers listen.

I want you to still enjoy the seasons as they should be, to see winter turn to spring and summer to autumn. I want you to never be hungry and not be scared.

I love you and will keep fighting to my last breath to make this world a better place for you both.

Love mum xx

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