Sophie's Letter

To my Future Self,

I wish for a better world, a world where children have normal childhoods and clean air to breathe, where they play with dolls and have water fights with the other children on their street. But now instead of children these days having normal childhoods or anyone have even a streak of normalcy we are all addicted to our phones and don’t go out nearly enough. The temperature is rising at a worrying rate, it is extreme and in some places they are having floods causing them to have severe damage and in some cases going homeless. I really hope that thing in 2030 don’t end up how some people are expecting it to. Prices are going up and most people are struggling to get by because they don’t get payed nearly enough. We need to stop blaming everything on our government, because not everything is their fault, they didn’t make global warming, they just didn’t pay notice to it quick enough. Everyone needs to start recycling and picking up a few pieces of rubbish sometimes, even if it’s not your rubbish. Go litter picking and take your pets on walks (if you have any). Everyone needs to stop littering and I really do hope that all of this can happen by 2030 before it is to late. I hope things don’t turn out bad for further generations and they can experience a normal childhood or even some case of normalcy. Please make an effort to do all of these things yourself.

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