Saeedah Haque's Letter

Dear Nani,

The world you showed me when I was a child shapes the person that I am today. The riverside walks on the outskirts of Dhaka surrounded by lush fields are memories I want to cherish forever. The animals we took care of and the sounds of an abundant ecosystem taught me that South Asia is a land of vibrance.

Unless the people in power tackle climate change now, the future generation will not know these lands as they deserve to be appreciated. We have already started to witness this with extreme flooding and earthquakes devastating Pakistan, Afghanistan and India.

Waseem Ahmad, CEO of Islamic Relief recently returned from Pakistan and saw entire villages swept away and submerged. These are entire communities and homes, just like ours.

The message of my #LettersToTomorrow: To the people in power: please, act now. The least responsible communities are facing the worst impacts. We are not safe until they are.

Saeedah Haque, Media Officer, Islamic Relief UK

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