Mandy Butterworth 's Letter

To my grandchildren Fred and Fern,

When I was 2 and my sister was 5 like you are we would drive home in the dark and our car lights were full of moths and insects down our country lanes. We rarely see them now. I hope that your parents and grandparents can bring them back to you by lobbying companies, governments and food brands to ensure their supply chain is not putting profits before your futures.

I hope with all my heart that we will have seen the urgency of our climate crisis and done something to halt the warming of our planet. I hope you will grow up and still see hedgehogs, lizards, slowworms, moths, bees and butterflies. I hope you can still see skylarks and curlews.

I hope you will see the miracle in every plant and animal. I fear that you won’t find them.

I implore our government to see that we are nature and nature is us. Please legislate for your grandchildren and great grandchildren. We will all do our best to help.

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