Marilyn's Letter

To my grandchildren,

It is 2030 and I can only look back with incredulity on the change that happened in 2023 when politicians at last got their act together and showed leadership on the climate crisis. At one time the UK was a world leader, but what with Brexit and Covid, we lost our way and were backsliding on our commitments. So when politicians took notice of the "Letters to Tomorrow" that poured in for "The Great Big Green Week" in June 2023, change started to happen.
Taxing non-doms, wealth taxes and financial transaction taxes were introduced so measures to insulate homes took off in a big way with great employment opportunities in the building sector. Onshore wind farms, where communities agreed, started to generate large amounts of renewable energy and solar and battery installations mushroomed. People's health improved; incomes were less stressed as fuel bills reduced and living conditions improved.
Developers land banks were used for social housing with every development having space for growing vegetables.
Everyone has become much more aware of water as a precious resource and since the water companies have been renationalised and investment made to resolve the sewage into rivers issue, people enjoy river swimming once again.
Plastic use has reduced markedly with the change in how it is taxed and there are more energy recovery facilities in place.
Car use has dropped and so has air pollution as public transport is much cheaper to use than owning a car and there are better hire schemes for when you do need a vehicle.
Very few people now fly abroad for holidays - they staycation as the weather has become hotter and people realise how damaging flying is to the environment. Also, train travel in Europe has become very cheap, efficient and easy to book .
So from the dark days of 2023 when there was only one Green MP, much has changed for the better. Politicians know that people care for this planet and will vote for people who are going to work together to take action locally, nationally and internationally. The migration/small boats crisis has been solved by the global north acknowledging their part in the climate crisis and paying sums to the global south to leapfrog them to sustainable economies. Doughnut Economics, first mooted by Kate Raworth in 2017, is now the go-to economic model.
As you know, I have been active locally in trying to bring about change. Looking back now, it seems that June 2023, was the pivotal moment. You were about to be 10, 8, 6 and 2! So, organising the Letters to Tomorrow at the Library was worth doing. Small actions can being bring about big changes and I can have hope for your futures.
With all my love, Grandma

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