Faith Parry's Letter

To the Prime Minister ,

I hope this letter reaches you, I am writing to you today because this week is BIG Green Week and as I’m sure you are aware there are many things impacting on the future of our planet, our beautiful natural world is constantly withering away, animals are losing their habitats and our air gets dirtier every day.
THE biggest impact on climate change is animal agriculture, the raising of animals for meat, eggs, milk & dairy generates 10% of the UK’s greenhouse gases (, it’s greater than all transportation emissions combined.
70% of land is used for animal agriculture and is the leading cause of deforestation, biodiversity loss & water pollution. The animals that are bred purely for meat production to meet the high demand to supply the UK’s and the exportation of meat to other countries including France & ROI , this excessive breeding of cows, sheep and other livestock leads to extremely high levels of methane production, contributing to 47% of the UK’s methane emissions in 2019 & 54% in 2020. (
Aside from the inconvenient truth of the impact animal agriculture has on climate change, the brutality of the slaughtering of innocent animals must stop, there is no humane way of killing other conscious beings. Why do they not deserve the same rights our pets have, why are they not viewed the same way our dogs, cats and horses are viewed. Cows, chickens, sheep too are sentient.

This is my letter to tomorrow, my hope for the future is a greener, animal cruelty free world.

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