Simon Thomas's Letter

To Future Generations,

I hope you are ok and still able to enjoy the wonderful natural world that currently exists in parts of England and the rest of the world. There are lots of us who care about nature here in the present, and who are trying to do constructive things to conserve it.
Young people are engaging with nature, activists are bravely putting their lives at risk to try to protect it, conservationists are rewilding land, and many people are trying to get the message across that we have to stop destroying nature.
But unfortunately we live in a time when there is a growing disconnect between the human race and nature, and when we are stuck with a lot of ignorant politicians and businessmen who disregard or wilfully continue to destroy the natural world. More broadly, there are now too many people, using up too much of the Earth's land and precious finite resources.
We won't or can't wake up to the fact that we must not continue this way, because it will lead to ruin.
But we must remain hopeful that things will change.

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