Thelma Stacy Harvey's Letter

To my daughter and son Steph and Ants,

The world is more than we know, if we do not start looking after the world, we will seize to know. We use phrases like safeguarding is everyone's business, so why isn't everyone safeguarding their environment which is just as important.
Look at what has come, floods, earthquakes and many freak environmental disasters when will we stand up and be counted, yes we are all responsible and we can all do our bit no matter how small. When a lot of people do a little imagine how much can be achieved.
Lets stop burying our heads because the time has come for us to act, especially as it is mankind causing the problems that generations will be impacted.
Nature is the one thing that is constant and by that I mean it helps with our mental, emotional and physical health, it looks after us why can't we look after it.

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