Hugo Tagholm's Letter

Dear Sarah,

We are so lucky to have the ocean all around us. It’s in our lives each and every day. Of course, a healthy ocean is in everyone’s life in every day in some way – the oxygen we all breathe, the food we all eat, the stable climates we have all come to know and thrive in. However, like many others, we have also built our lives by the sea. The beach, the salty air, the windswept coastlines, the waves, the wildlife have become the pulse of our days, the measure of our happiness, the richness that makes life that much better.

Our leaders must act now to stop the looming climate tide, to prevent our seas from changing in chemistry forever, to reverse the decline in wild abundance, and to stop Mother Ocean from losing her pulse. We rely on Her to provide the big and the small things that make human life possible, and for us, the things that make our lives together so rich and valuable. Not in money, but in health and happiness.

Saving nature, protecting our ocean is more important than all money alone. There’s nothing more vital to me than making sure our leaders act to deliver a thriving ocean for us all. For the big and the small things, for all, forever.

Thriving ocean, thriving people. Ocean action is climate action.


Hugo Tagholm, CEO, Surfers Against Sewage

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