Nsameji Ambe's Letter

To my beloved future children,

With much concern I am writing this letter to you beloved children.
Do you know our human activities has a direct impact on the climate and our natural inhabitant?
I am so concerned about the rapid changes taking place these days and wishing you will be able to enjoy some of the "privileges" I had growing up, interacting and enjoying the full benefits of my natural inhabitant, some of which include:
Waking up to the melodies chanting of the birds because the trees gave them such great habitant so they could rest, nest their young and hid from their prey.
The beauty of fresh breeze from the nearby trees and plants and closeness to the natural inhabitant. So soothing to the mind and shows how beautiful creation is.
The beauty and enchantment of a clear blue sky, with undamaged ozone layer.

So how related am I to the environment?
There is a process called photosynthesis, which releases oxygen to the atmosphere and absorbs carbon dioxide. If these trees are all depleted, we will have a high level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which is toxic and a pollutant to both man and animal.
This is just one out of many of the ways we relate to our natural inhabitant.

I am afraid most of those beauties are fast disappearing and this may just be a folklore in your ear someday, if I don't stand up with others to advocate on your behalf.
This is the legacy I wish to pass on to you; the beauty of a better tomorrow where our activities are not so detrimental to our environment; the very source of everything we depend on. Ensuring that those in power will support and foster actions which support our environment and climate which in most part is subjected to our decisions and needs our protection.

I pray these wishes come true

With love

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