Michael Stock's Letter

To young people voting for the first time, anywhere in the world,

Lets change our future from possibly Awful to hopefully Awesome.

Science has been clear about the TRENDS in our environment and climate. Now, the daily news gives us the strongest warnings about IMPACTS on people and planet, everywhere.

So what to do? These impacts may become bad tipping points, difficult to predict or control but It is not too late for our ACTIONS to help protect the people and places we love, and depend on.

You may have heard of the UN big 'COP' meetings on Climate and Biodiversity? The great news is that now many more of us, and business too, know what to do. Our actions could combine to become POSITIVE TIPPING POINTS, with more and more voters, families, farmers, businesses, banks and politicians, taking ACTION.

Please take time to carefully check-out the politicians where you live and VOTE for people who tell the TRUTH to us and have a PLAN that makes sense to you, your friends, teachers and family.

Not a moment to lose. Enjoy the race to Net Zero and protecting Nature.

Make your VOICES heard, clear and strong. Yes we can.

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