Roger Wilson's Letter

To My Daughter Sarah and my son Ben,

This letter letter is to apologise you my children and all the people in the world of you age that I and my generation have failed to save your future.

We need you now to take over this vast burden which will be far far worse than if it had been tackled years ago.

This letter will be also sent to The Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition by Save the Children via

I apologise to you for not often enough reminding our polititions that they should prioritise looking after the future of the people of our world by managing the environment of our planet.

All of our Governments have failed miserably to recognise that our planet is our most important asset. Our planet IS failing because Governments have failed us.

Time is not on our side. We must act NOW.

I hope the polititions will react positively to this message.

Sincerely Roger Wilson

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