June's Letter

My 14 year old and 8 year old neices,

I am sorry that you are not going to experience the wonderful world that I knew as a child and a young adult. With the climate changing before our very eyes and the devastating effect this has had particularly this year 2022, with droughts, even more forest fires, melting of glaciers, floods and unprecedented famines. In retrospect this has been building for years and now we are seeing it. I fear that there will be just one disaster after another with world leaders only caring about the economy which will also fail because we can't keep baling out our country and other countries. We are only one drought away or flooding on the scale of Pakistan from famine in our own country. Instead of worrying about the climate it is money the government worry about??
The wildlife we took for granted can not evolve quickly enough to cope with the changes in our climate. You will only know what was lost when you look at footage of animals, insects, birds and fish and the wonder of how each had a part in making nature work.
I hope that you don't blame all of the adults for the world you will inherit. As you know I have always been an advocate of nature. Being a vegetarian for the last 50 years, I stopped eating anything with palm oil in for the last 3 years after crying watching on TV the rain forest being destroyed and the Orangutan trying to live in the remains of a forest and find food that was not there anymore and I make a hopeless gardener as I want to save every wild flower that has taken the time to grow and every insect that has chosen my garden to live in. There are many like minded people who have and continue to campaign to limit climate change. If I could have my time again I would have done more to get those in power to listen sooner.
I wish you luck and hope that changes are made in time to give you a better future. X

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