Alison's Letter

Grandchildren present & future,

Dear Grandchildren, I love you all so much & I'm so ashamed that the world is in a far worse mess than the one I inherited not so long ago. I've tried to do my best as you know, cycling, home grown fruit & veg, which I know you loved to pick & eat when you thought I wasn't looking!
We took you on litter picks on the beach & you were so enthusiastic about joining in. I've written to M.P's, Prime Ministers, big companies etc about plastic reduction, renewable energy & I just hope that it's coming to fruition now.
I feel guilty that we didn't do enough earlier & have left you such a mess to clear up. I do hope it isn't too late to save the planet.
Please forgive me & my generation for being so selfish & thoughtless.

Love Grandma who still loves you to the moon & back! xx

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