Helen Quaye's Letter

To my son,

I'd like to say we acted fast enough and my hope was that we did.
I can't think of anything more precious than nature and our environment and seeing you enjoy it so much as a child made me realise with fresh eyes just how precious it is.

We fought hard to protect it, in a space where politically progress was slow But what got us there I hope was citizen-led action - the work of people like you, me and your family. We campaigned, and we took action in our own corner, we changed behaviours and we campaigned some more!

My hope for you now is that you continue to protect our beautiful planet in the same way, and that you enjoy it whilst you do. Soak up the nature around you and preserve it to pass on to your own family. Make changes if you need to, and innovate where you can.
I'm confident that we raised you to truly appreciate our planet, our climate, our natural environment, and I know you'll do it proud.

Love, your Mum

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