Dave's Letter

To my daughters Holly and Meg and my expected grandson and any future grandchildren.,

Holly and Meg, my adult daughters, and future grandchildren, here in 2022 I am seriously concerned about the future of humanity on our planet. Governments serve their self-interests and those of, for example, fossil fuel companies. Our earth is facing a global climate emergency but action is too slow and too late, I expect that tipping points will be passed and the world as I know it will change beyond recognition.

From the depth of my heart I really do hope that enough is done in time to enable you to live out your lives to the richness and fullness you deserve. On behalf of my generation I sincerely apologise for the appalling mess we made of things. Many of us did our bit to try and get the message across and we were not listened to but that is no excuse, perhaps we should have done more!

Let's hope my pessimism (reality?) was wrong and my predictions do not come true but sadly I expect they have. I wish you luck and happiness living in the new world that we forced upon you.

Love to you all.

Dad (and GrandPops) xx

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