Rhiannon's Letter

To my future child,

I hope time has been nicer to you than me. I hope we fixed the mistakes of our predecessors, and left the world nicer for you to grow in. I hope the world is cleaner, greener, and safer for you.

Climate change is something I learnt about a decade ago. More than that, actually. Since I was 10, I can remember climate change being the subject on everyone's lips - global warming it was called then. But that wasn't correct as not everywhere was heating up.

I hope climate change is no more than a scary story I tell you. I hope climate change is the monster I use when you won't go to sleep.

I hope that climate change is no more than an old wives' tale.

The company I work for put climate and environmentally friendly policies at the heart of everything. I hope that all business do that, and that it is no longer a selling point of a business. It just becomes as normal as having a name on the side of a building.

I hope, and I pray, and I beg, that climate change is no more than an old wives' tale for you.

And I hope that if it isn't - if climate change is not a monster in a bedtime story - I hope that you are not brought into this world.

I hope that you were not here to inherit climate change from me and my predecessors.

All my love,
Your mother

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