P McVeigh's Letter

To my grandsons John & Alex,

I have been worrying about our beautiful planet for many years now and long before you were born.

I want to do what I can to keep it beautiful and healthy so that you both can wonder, discover and enjoy its amazing miracles of life for yourselves.

But it is in big trouble now, because of our neglect, and the many natural wonders that are so rare and precious anywhere in our universe are disappearing very fast.

All people rely on this earth to live and be well, but we are damaging it.
The very climate that supports all life is changing for the worse before our eyes.

I will continue trying to convince the people who make important decisions to make changes for the better in how we all live, behave and treat our beautiful earth.

I will continue to call out our politicians to commit to real actions to achieve this.

I will continue to try and limit the damage I cause myself to this earth and try to make it a little better for nature and for you when it becomes your turn to look after it.

I hope these promises to you, and what my generation can do now, is enough and in time, But time left for us to do this is very short indeed.

With all my hope and love,

Grandad Ronnie

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