Carol 's Letter

To my grandchildren August and Elise ,

We owe you a HUGE apology!
Every day we read an article in the newspaper or take in pictures of the looming devastation of our unique and wonder-ful planet earth and know that through our greed we have speeded up this destructive path. We have sought to increase our personal comforts, our personal gains and we have been too lazy to think through the consequences.
Thanks to many personalities who are able to shake us out of this lethargy, we are beginning to understand the tragedy and do ‘our bit’ - precious little it is.
Thank goodness you, your generation, are here! You are amazing, your initiative, your fresh ideas, your energy, your courage. Know that we oldies thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Know that our hope lies with you and that we love and respect you boundlessly.
Your English grandparents

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