Anthony Wiggins 's Letter

Tom & James,

We’re in terrifying times. But we groove on. You’re both still, at 22 & 25, finding your path and trying to avoid distractions, or embrace those same distractions and hope they’re worth it. Well fair play to you.

We too are trying to find our way, it never ends. I know you both understand that our love for you is everlasting. Whilst I am prepared to let you both make “mistakes” your mother remain committed to a thick safety net. I, of course, support that but the freedom we find with you both being away from home is difficult to settle into. Our plans have been disrupted but be soldier on.

I’m rambling.

Just stay healthy boys, do good and embrace life while you have the fitness to do so. It’s a gift not to be squandered. If life does throw you a few spiky ones, don’t let them distract you from simple pleasures. Just know that they are inevitable and move forward.

Love Dadx

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