Sam's Letter

To the current and future Prime Ministers,

Dear Prime Minister,

I am writing to you on 24th July 2023, at a time where the consequences of climate change are becoming increasingly more present in our everyday lives. Severe heatwaves have gripped America, China and southern Europe, breaking temperature records, causing wildfires and even taking lives, with both residents and visitors suffering from exposure to the extreme heat. Floods have swept through India, destroying homes and livelihoods. In northern Italy, hailstorms recently pummeled towns and cities just days after a searing heatwave. Climate change is happening now, and it's only going to get worse unless we take immediate action.

Imagining the prospect of environmental disaster, I cannot help but feel scared, helpless and guilty. I imagine many others all over the UK feel the same. I find that I'm frequently asking myself the same questions: is it wrong of me to pursue my own career goals when I could be investing all of my time into combating the climate crisis? Should I have children when the future is so uncertain? Would it be immoral to bring a child into a world destined for climate catastrophe?

We can all do our bit for the planet as individuals, but the reality is we're not going to be able to navigate this crisis unless governments implement effective green policy, and soon. In 2020, extreme measures were enforced in light of the coronavirus pandemic, one of the greatest challenges we have faced in recent times. Why, now that a state of climate emergency has officially been declared, is similarly decisive and urgent action not being taken? Climate change is surely the greatest and most important challenge humanity has ever faced. Fossil fuels need to be phased out quicker, the meat and aviation industries need to be more heavily regulated, there needs to be more investment in renewable energy and technology. YOU need to lead the charge on this and if you encounter resistance from corporation lobbyists, the media, influencers or even members of your own electorate then YOU NEED TO PLUCK UP SOME COURAGE AND DO THE RIGHT THING FOR THE BENEFIT OF EVERYONE.

Combatting climate change needs to take precedence, so if you care about more than just your political aspirations and want a better future for every single person on this planet then please take action now. 2050 is too late and as it stands we are not doing enough.

Yours faithfully

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