Maria Szymanska's Letter

To Liz Truss,

Dear Liz Truss,
For me doing something people will remember is a huge thing that I have always dreamed about so I'm writing to you about some my ideas of how to solve the ongoing climate change.

People have been stuck with this climate change for years now and we still don't know who to solve it so I thought I could share some of my ideas for climate change. Firstly I think we should be making more electric cars the same price as normal cars are now so way more people can buy then and use electricity more than gas. Secondly I think that most people should walk or ride there bikes and scooters so they save money for food, bills and lots more.

This really needs to stop because we are destroying our plant by doing all of these terrible things. I really hope that in the future we all will have a amazing and clean environment to live in. Good Luck!

Your Sincerely,

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