Steph North's Letter

My new granddaughter Solmaz,

As I write this I see you in the knitted outfit knitted by your great grandma for your mum. All snug as the autumn weather sets in rather later than normal. Your first autumn follows your first summer when we experienced 40degree heat in the north east, unheard of! A summer when you had to leave your flat due to the extreme heat as we were unable to keep you cool in your first few weeks. It wasn’t just uncomfortable but gave us a taster of the challenges of climate change, unbearable heat along with the longest droughts we’ve ever known. Europe suffered fires and large rivers running dry and farmers struggling to produce food. Globally the picture is much worse and will continue to worsen if things don’t change. I really hope Solmaz that our governments will listen and respond to make a difference so that your future will be bright - that you will experience snow days and comfortable sunny days - that you will be able to pick berries in the autumn and know that people care for the earth that feeds and nourishes us, whilst caring for one another.
With all our love Grandma and Grandad

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