Lyn 's Letter

To my granddaughters Finch and Ivy,

I wonder if in the last 8 years there has been a complete reversal of the way governments have acted?.
Writing this now there seems little hope of the people in power being brave enough to take the steps needed to stop nothing less than extinction .People have been living in a huge consumerist way with no regards for the Natural World or poorer peoples affected by our dreadful colonial past, only bigger and bigger profits. But, as I write there are some amazing people and groups determined to make the changes we need. No more fossil fuels, well insulated homes , properly affordable carbon neutral housing , healthy food options available for all, a reverenent, deep respect and love of all nature with bigger green spaces in towns, caring communities and sustainable travel with plenty of Art, Music, Theatre. and Joy.

I hope the world is now a kinder and more equitable place for you to flourish and enjoy.
Grow food and flowers if you can and be kind, it's good for everyone.

Much love
Granny xxx

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