Avril Haughey's Letter

To my future self,

At 74 I have seen more changes than I care to remember. The saddest is that through the "technological age" has come a disinterest in the real world, a nonchalance for living beings, and a believe that all will be well if left to it's own devices. Unfortunately all wrong.There are many that care but we need far more.
Power, money and international trading has brought us all to our knees.Put your phone's down and open your eyes.
I wish to see no more animals going into extinction. Trees and wild spaces cared for. I have a special feel for trees!!!
Look after the children. Bring in more teaching for them. Future proof our nature to keep all well and alive.
Stop countries catching and eating birds and sea creatures.
Close zoos and private zoos and only allow those who have breeding and specialist treatment and knowledge to remain open.
Stop the constant use of plastics.
Wake up people before all those dystopian books written come true and we lose this beautiful planet.

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