Beth's Letter

To my future self,

I want everyone to slow down and realise the impact that we are putting out into the world. Everything we do has a bad impact, and the people in charge are doing nothing to help. Somehow we are expected to save this world as it will be our next but why are they relying on us when we can only fix the mess we’ve made, by everyone helping out. People warn us about what is going to happen if we don’t change our ways, but no one seems to be listening, or if they do they don’t care enough to actually make a difference. We need someone in charge to step up, take on the responsibility of figuring out a way to save the earth before it is too late. We need someone to encourage us all to help out and work together. We need to stop what is happening.

We are losing one of the most precious things in this world, one of the greatest gifts we’ve ever had, and yet people are just taking advantage of it, always taking and never giving back. We are losing wonderful parts of the world each and every day, the planet is suffering and all because of us. So only we can save it, if we all contribute.


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